Taking back the power when there’s no time to write.

I keep waiting for things to slow down so I can finally sit and start writing a new book.  So far, this plan of action is shit. Summer is crazy.  The kids are home, the house is dirty, the heat is miserable, and any hope I had for a swimsuit diet is now near extinction.  These are not suitable conditions for a person trying to “start anew”.

So!  I need to lower my expectations (for now) and assign myself baby steps.  Instead of 1000 words a day, or anything else that requires actual creative thought, I’ll “clean house”. I’ll flip through old journals. Clean out old electronic files. I’ll dig through my ongoing hoard of “Oh!  I should write that down” notes inside my iphone. I’ll organize red pens. Post-its. Papers. Notebooks. Binders. Pinterest Boards. But most importantly, like all smart writers:  I’ll read. I’ll even check-out some old favorites at the library, along with books I only think I’ve read because I saw the movie. It’s important to find ways to take back control of the things you want, no matter how small the task. It’s therapeutic and it makes you feel like an actual person-not just some zombie playing out the hours of the day like an old record player. Zombies are out, anyway.

So, today, I start with …*sigh*… the office. My so-called haven. I’m in it right now actually. Inventory: my favorite couch, treadmill (that will be used today, even if it kills me), 3 empty PTO boxes, a 2-foot stack of magazines, half of my son’s DVD collection, a box of Smash binders,  a home computer I’m terrified to use for fear that it will crash at any moment, and a desk that can only be described as “communal”. I’ve got to take this room back.  Starting now.