My 2021 Spring Obsessions

I’m not much for celebrity Instagram accounts, but January Jones’ bathing suit inventory is to die for, so I follow her religiously. A few months ago, Ms. Jones posted a selfie, sporting some seriously fierce ear cuffs by Jennifer Fisher. (“Who is she?”) I Googled her jewelry and um YES to all of the ear cuff magic on her website. I can’t tell if I’m loving the oversized ear cuff look because its something I don’t often see in mainstream fashion or if I’m just really really into more-is-more accessorizing these days.

This gorgeous new building at MFAH opened its doors late last year, and I highly recommend checking it out. Not only is the architecture beautiful and super cool, but the artwork is FANtastic. Hands down one of the best art gallery experiences I’ve ever had in H-town.

When my family and I went to visit the MFAH last month, we navigated room after room, admiring some of the most captivating works I’ve ever seen on display. In one gallery, I came across a family portrait and, almost immediately, my husband came up behind me and said, “I thought you’d like that one.” Indeed. “Write down that artist,” I said. When I got home, I Googled her. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alice Neel, my newest obsession in the “famous artists I never knew about” category.

If Jason Sudeikis wasn’t already at the top of my “Hall Pass” list, he sure as hell is now. Ted Lasso is the feel good show of the year, the story of an American college football coach from Kansas who gets hired to coach a British soccer team. What I find most fascinating about the show is, while it’s not particularly “hilarious” and laugh-out-loud funny, it is impossible not to like—just like Ted Lasso himself. Trust me, you will feel good after every single episode. What the world needs now is not love, it’s Ted Fucking Lasso. Watch it!

I did not find this short film, it found me. I came across the poster one day—didn’t think anything of it—then came across it again one evening when we were flipping through Disney+ with our neighbors’ kids. I watched it, and like all Pixar movies, I cried before it was over. This is by far my favorite Pixar short film of all time for reasons dear to my heart. Highly recommend.

My husband never stops amazing me, particularly in the areas of cooking. A few weeks back, the dude moseyed on into the kitchen with some groceries and threw together a cajun shrimp pasta that I could eat everyday for the rest of my life. What is this sorcery? I can barely boil water. Ladies, marry for love, and if the dude cooks, trust: you just hit the marriage lottery.

Honorable mention
Snake chain. Bill Henson photographs. SZA. Flippin’ the bird. Red monochrome Chuck Taylors. Wet preserves. Howard Stern. And my husband’s hair before he cuts it.