My 2015 Summer Obsessions

Do not get me started. As far as I’m concerned, HBO is the Freddie Mercury of television. You cannot argue it’s greatness. Hands-down some of the best television ever produced. My family just spent the last six month waiting to get into a new house. During most of that time, we were shacking up at mi madre’s house, and madre has unlimited movie channels. Clearly, she’s a smart woman. I’m pretty sure 75% of my television viewing in the last six months has fallen under HBO. Great stuff has aired this year. The Jinx, Going Clear, Montage of Heck, It’s Me Hilary, Mel Books Live at the Geffen, Billy Crystal 700 Sundays, Silicon Valley, and the always fantastic Real Time with Bill Maher…and that’s all just from the last 6 months. Plus, HBO Now launched last April. And HELLO, Hard Knocks will feature The Texans this year! I just…I can’t…I need to breathe. HBO, you’ve always done me right. We should mate.

I don’t remember how I came across this line of skin care products, but I’m kind of obsessed at the moment. Now that I’m getting older, I feel like I’m in a constant scramble to not look like I sleep in a barn and eat from a trough. And though I am by no means against the world of fillers, injections, and $100 bottles of moisturizer, there’s something refreshing about finding a product that is all-natural, handmade, and actually WORKS. RB’s products are sold exclusively through Etsy (not sure why; the company appears to have a solid foundation and clientele to work without a third-party seller. But what do I know?) Check it out! It’s a really cool product line.

A super cool friend of mine mentioned this website to me awhile back when my sister was giving veganism a test run. With summer now here, I figured I needed to kick it in gear and start feeding my children like I love them. I can’t even tell you how many microwave corndogs my son ingested this year, and some of those were substitutes for breakfast (I’m extremely lazy come spring, what can I say? It’s embarrassing.) But this website is EXACTLY the type of healthy-eating attitude that suits me. It’s rude, funny, shaming, and completely dedicated to promoting the mindset that a vegan diet is anything but boring. Kudos, Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway, you plant-chopin’ potty-mouthed motherf*ckers. You make me wanna stick glow sticks in celery stalks and dance.

Can we revisit my love for HBO? Great, thanks. This show is on it’s second season, but I’ve only recently become aware of it. Think The Social Network meets HBO comedy antics (Bored to Death, Veep, Eastbound and Down, etc.) It’s about a group of software engineers trying to launch a startup company in the middle of Silicon Valley, with the brilliant T. J. Miller playing the entrepreneur/sole proprietor of the house they live in. It’s flippin’ hilarious. The comedy is sharp, but not forced. Witty, but not pretentious. And did I mention I have acquired a mad crush on every male principle cast member since watching? Comedy will get you everywhere, gentlemen. And I mean everywhere. My oven burns hot for Zach Woods. Click HERE to watch the teaser for season 2.

I’m a little late to the party on this one but THANK JEEZ I finally arrived. This site is the new Craigslist. The app makes it SO easy to photograph and sell items you want to get rid of. You could seriously orchestrate an entire online garage sale from your phone with this baby. AND it’s got a built-in instant messaging feature that is awesomely convenient when having to communicate with potential buyers/sellers. No more giving out your email and phone number! Listen, just shut up and download the app. It’s cooler than color-drip candles, and that’s some serious shit.

This is not a enjoyable obsession. Not at the moment, at least. Who do I have to shank to find the perfect desk? A large, smooth surface, wooden, open bottom, masculine but chic, thin but sturdy, kick-ass desk. I’m a picky gal. I know this. It’s hard to please me in the home furnishing department, and I rarely shell out cash on something unless I’m getting a strong “I’m gonna die if I don’t have it” vibe. But seriously, it’s a plank of wood with four legs! How hard can this be?! I’m sure if my budget for this find was bumped up a few hundred dollars, I would not have this problem. But until then, I’m out for blood.

HONORABLE MENTION: Ile de France Brie Bites. Wallpaper. Morning routines. Avocados. Jokes before bedtime. Humorous Bathroom Decor. Sunscreen. Chris Pratt (“They got my dick message!”). Twenty-One Pilots. Cate Blanchett (in Carol). Hari Nef. NatureBox. Velvet. Tilda Swinton. Mosquito claps. Tweezers. And tip jars.