My 2014 Obsessions (so far)

Summer is coming.  Time to reflect and pay homage to 2014 (so far).  Below is a list of this-and-thats I’ve been obsessing over for the last five months.  Enjoy.

The 2014 NFL Draft
Normally, I pay minimal attention to the draft.  But with the Houston Texans having the #1 pick this year, I couldn’t resist getting in on the fun.  It also introduced me to the fascinating world of “male gossip”.  Yes, men do gossip.  But apparently they only do it in regards to sports and new cell phone technology.  It’s almost comical watching those all male panels of NFL correspondents come off like the ladies of The View.  I love it.  Yay football!  Can’t wait for the fall.

When it comes to edible obsessions, normally I stick to boiled crawfish and White Russians.  But this year is all about SOUP.  And the Vietnamese joints in my neighborhood are fantastic.  And I LOVE that my son is just as obsessed with it as I am.  We’ve been “broth bonding” all year.

All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood by Jennifer Senior
Just WOW.  I haven’t wanted to scream my praises for ANY book the way I’ve wanted to for this one.  It is SPOT ON.  Forget What to Expect… or The Baby Book or Belly Laughs.  Next time one of my friends gets prego, I’m handing them THIS book.  They’ll thank me later.

Rap Music
Maybe I’m going through an early midlife crisis.  Or maybe I’m more in tune with my H-town roots and my growing appreciation for the modern rapper’s abilities to turn a phrase.  Or maybe I just want to dance; throw my arms up off the steering wheel and do that bad-ass chopping thing with my hand.  I don’t know.  But I do know I can’t get enough rap music on my Spotify playlist these days.  And it’s the only way I can get all my chores done on time.  Jay-Z.  Eminem.  Kanye.  Macklemore.  Girl Talk.  Love um all.

I’ve always been well aware that Martin Scorsese is one of the most significant directors in film history-I just wasn’t aware of how MUCH I freakin’ love his movies-until this year.  Maybe it’s my growing fascination watching an aging Leonardo DiCaprio take on role after role.  I don’t know.  But I do know that whenever his movies show up during my afternoon channel flipping, I can’t resist.  I have to watch.

Je prends des cours deux fois par semaine.  C’est magnifique.  J’adore la langue et je veux continuer a apprendre.  Merci, Christelle!  A jeudi!

Letting go
I don’t know if all people eventually acquire this in their aging process, but I know that I have finally been blessed with the ability to (Oh God, it’s coming.  Curse you Disney!)…LET IT GOOOOOOO!  Let it GOOOOOO!  I just feel like I’ve finally (and HONESTLY!) reached a point where I can relax and just be myself and not worry about what other people are thinking or doing with their free time.  I’m 30 going on “fuck-yeah, 31!”.  I’m content with my body, my intelligence, my insecurities, my creativity, my parenting (ok, that might be a stretch, but still…).  It feels great.  And I love that, for the first time in my life, I can give myself little mini internal pep-talks and actually UTILIZE them.  Self-soothe with them.  That never worked in the past!  All my mental words of support (It’s ok.  Just calm down.  No big deal.  You never thought much of that person anyway.  Just shake it off, girl)-NEVER WORKED.  I could never let go of my fears and worries.  But nowadays, I just pick up those so-called fears, sit them down at the kitchen table and say, “Ok, what’s up.  Say whatcha need to say and move on out.  I’ve got a life to live here.”  I don’t know if this new ability will stick around long, but I hope it does.  Letting go rocks.

Honorable Mention
Potted plants.  Eyeliner.  “No straw.”  The Hot Bagel Shop.  Vinyl.  Mexican Train.  Rose Byrne.  James McAvoy.  Angelina Jolie.  The 70s.  Hot pink roses.  All black.  All white.  Rainbow stripes.  Less facebook, more group texting.  Less talking, more hugging.  Less sleep, more sunglasses.


Night dudes.