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Jan Saenz’s natural editing instincts are driven by her passion for and knowledge of the contemporary writing market. Her feedback consistently offers the right balance of motivational support and honest, direct advice—a balance which few editors strike as well as she does. Readers can trust that when they share their work, Jan’s responses reflect her authentic judgements and are grounded in encouragement that makes one excited to return to the page and further a project. 

Lauren Berry, Author of The Lifting Dress and The Rented Altar

Jan’s insight, attention to detail, and enthusiastic support make her a unique and gifted editor. A writer herself, she understands the creative process from the inside out. Jan has brought a magic touch to my manuscripts — respecting the voice, while helping polish the words until they shine. Working with her truly feels like a dream collaboration: zesty, fun, and inspiring.

Miranda Silver, Author of Priceless

Jan is thoroughly committed to helping you be the best writer you can be. She coaxes beautiful words, phrases, and ideas from your story the way a gardener coaxes her plants to produce new blooms. I’ve used her services several times and she has always given me a better understanding of my work and how I can elevate it to achieve the goals I’ve set, whether I’m entering the piece in a contest or just trying to capture a style.

Kate Landers, Writer