My 2017 Summer Obsessions

NOTE: I used to do an “obsessions” post every season but then I got busy trying to finish a book, so my bad. But hey! Pour yourself a glass of a little somethin-somethin and cheers. Here’s to picking up where we often find ourselves left off. 😉

This newly crowned silver fox has been popping up on my radar A LOT lately. First off, the divorce. Guys, I was CRUSHED. I mean seriously, what happened on that airplane? And was that really the reason for the divorce or did Angie just need a final straw to present itself? Secondly, did you catch the interview he did for GQ? I couldn’t look away, and that had nothing to do with the beautiful photos Ryan McGinley shot (I love him, btw). Also, did anyone see By The Sea. Terrible movie, so of course I’ve watched it like three times. In my opinion, Brad outshines Angie by A LOT and I did not see that coming. Lastly, can we take a throwback moment and just appreciate his entire wardrobe in Fight Club? I consider it one of my favorite costuming/make up jobs from a film. I read somewhere that the costume designer wanted all of Tyler Durden’s clothes and accessories to come from a thrift store because it’s the opposite of how Cornelius acquires his own belongings. Seriously, Google Tyler’s threads sometime. The pairings are genius.

Last month was National Poetry Month, so I spent much of my time professing my love to prose I only kind of understand. I read some AMAZING poetry and bought some kickass chapbooks along the way. My favorite? Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean Vuong. It just blew me away, and I find myself more and more pulling toward poets who are people of color or gay (or both!). I’m even gonna go a step further and say that recently I’ve been pulling toward fiction novels with LGBTQ protagonists and/or love stories. It just feels like an avenue of storytelling that I’ve only skimmed the surface. I don’t often come across these novels or chapbooks unless I’m actively looking for them. So that’s been me lately.

I’m a big pill popper these days. (All the kids over 30 are doing it.) You will often find me scoring some serious vitamin C supplements in the dark damp back corner of Kroger, next to the Slim Fast and lube. And since I consider myself quite the hairy, dry-skinned gal, I’m finding that Biotin is my preferred drug of choice. Listen kids, when 30 hits (and it hits some harder than other) we start to see changes in our hair and skin—the color, the texture, the strength. Biotin helps! It promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, and can even help regulate blood sugar.

This is not a new obsession, but one I feel is more important now than ever. We are living in a very fragmented time. Some days, it feels like civility is being threatened from all sides and I’m just standing here—paralyzed in WTF—wondering when this immobilizing feeling of uncertainty is going to pass. So as a way to make peace with uncertainty and gain control in a time of little control, my husband and I have started donating to multiple non-profits on a monthly basis. Now calm down! When I say donate, I ain’t talkin’ big poppa money. I’m talkin’ $10 to this group, $20 to this group, etc. I will say this though: when it comes to non-profits, I prefer to stay local. National organizations and chapters are FANTASTIC, but having been involved in local non-profits before, I can tell you (with confidence) that the smaller the organization, the greater the need for money. So give when you can. Whether it’s $100 or $2 dollars, it doesn’t fucking matter. You’re doing your part to give back and that’s more than most people can say.

Honorable Mention
Dame Darcy, Vans, Yves Saint Lauren, CVS whitening strips, Broadway musical T-shirts, pecan pie, bionic limbs, “Palpable”, Cole Sprouse, my husband’s cooking, “Apostasy”, “Automaticity”, and chairs.