I market myself as an edgy, cinematic writer for the modern woman. I enjoy exploring journeys of self-discovery with all types of odd transgressions along the way. I aim for a quality of work that is honest and accessible—I want my readers to enjoy a “literary” experience inside the convenience of an easy read.

I draw inspiration from a BROAD spectrum of artists. Some of my favorites include Charles Bukowski, Aaron Sorkin, Bret Easton Ellis, Alissa Nutting, Paula Bomer, Richard Linklater, Roxane Gay, Diablo Cody, Adrian Lyne, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Chuck Palahniuk, Paul Thomas Anderson, Mel Brooks, Tina Fey, and many others.

I write fiction, poetry, short story . . . whatever gets me goin’. I love taking inspiration from different sub-genres and literary avenues. Transgressive. New Adult. Satire. Plays/Screenplays. Stand-up. Erotica. I believe in reading everything and not judging anything.

I write full-time and I am currently working on my third novel.


WHAT AN ASSHOLE (Paper Darts, Summer 2017) **forthcoming**



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