A Tap on the Shoulder.

Trust paid off tonight.  In the amount of 1500 words.  Good words.  And just that small little crack, that fraction of rebirth in the staleness that has overshadowed this battle to finish my novel, was enough to validate last week’s choice to “step away”.  I trusted that if I let it go, it would come back to me.  And it did.  Not for long, no.  Not long enough to punch out the additional 10,000 words that I need to wrap this party up.  But 1500 words is 1500 words.  And tonight, that’s all I needed.

So once again, I press Save, close the file, and courageously trust that inspiration will come.  In fact, here’s my quote of the day:

“Don’t be afraid to turn your back on your work.  Eventually, it will tap you on the shoulder.”

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