(Jan Saenz is currently seeking new representation for the following manuscripts)


Sleeping with Other People meets Dope.

Arvy’s mother died two weeks ago, leaving behind a closet of clothes and 200 hits of Molly. But after a dangerous drug dealer comes knocking, Arvy discovers it isn’t Molly, it’s Mona—an experimental drug that induces intense orgasms in females. Arvy has two choices: sell 200 Monas in 48 hours or take a bullet to the head. Wanting to insure the drug doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, she recruits a local pot dealer to assist her on her quest, and what follows is a race against time, selling mind-blowing orgasms to women who want them.

200 MONAS is a dark comedy, full of sexy banter and hilarious twists and turns—mostly from the women who can’t stop moaning.


The Dreamers in the vein of a Jason Reitman/Diablo Cody film

Elizabeth, Mattie, and Nolan are river trash—white trash, but different. Exotic. Traumatized by their past, the three don’t speak of a life-changing event eight years ago—a backwoods ménage-à-trois that resulted in a small-town sex scandal and a teen pregnancy. A baby, unseen and given up for adoption.

Now in her twenties, Elizabeth receives a phone call from a distraught woman—a wealthy politician’s wife claiming her adopted daughter, now seven, is ill and wants to meet her birth parents. The problem? A paternity test was not taken at the time of the child’s birth, so Elizabeth has no choice but to bring Mattie and Nolan with her cross-country to meet “their” child. They must then take up residency while awaiting the results of a paternity test. Coping with the now visible outcome of their juvenile impulses, the three offer to donate an organ in a last attempt to save the child. But who will be a match, and will it be enough?

RARE BIRDS is upmarket fiction—a gritty, heartfelt 72,000-word novel about tethered friendships and the journey of overcoming one’s arrested development.

Revolutionary Road meets Unfaithful, for older millennials.

Veronica sits inside a clinic, awaiting an abortion. A few hours later, she is home, cooking dinner for her husband, Tom, and their two children. But was Tom the father of her child, or was it someone else?

Over the span of two weeks, Veronica struggles to conceal a brief affair she fell into months earlier with Kyle, a twenty-two-year-old neighbor. But when her eight-year-old son discovers her secret, she must decide how far she will to go to keep the secret from destroying her family.

A fearless novel that does not hold back, THE DOMESTICS is an 80,000-word rabbit hole. It is a raw honest look at young love, modern marriage, the courage to forgive, and the journey to preserve happiness even in the darkest of places.